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December 17, 2010

Released: Financial Aid Reports - All Undergraduates

The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) has a new student financial aid report. This new report includes admission and financial aid data for all undergraduate students (degree seeking and non-degree seeking, full and part time) by campus. The reports are by aid year which includes three terms (fall, spring, and summer) and starts with data from Fall 1999. Currently, there are eleven aid years of data available.

Admissions related data includes the number of new student (freshmen and transfer) that have applied, been admitted, and enrolled for an entire aid year (fall, spring, and summer terms).

Financial aid related data includes the number of students receiving aid, PELL Grants, and University Scholarships. Average aid amounts for the year by category is also included. Federal cost of attendance information for new freshmen that are Minnesota residents is also available.

The new reports also include average loan debt amount broken down by Minnesota residents and Non-Minnesota residents. The amount is calculated for those students that graduated during the report aid year. The average loan debt amount is further broken out to include and exclude PLUS (parent) loans. The loan amounts are those processed and captured in the University of Minnesota student systems, and would not include personal loans made by the student or parent. Average Loan Debts are not available prior to Fall 2003.

Special thanks to all the folks in the Office of Student Finance for their help on this new report.

The report can be found here.

December 7, 2010

Released: 2010-2011 Common Data Set

The 2010-2011 Common Data Set file is now available for download. Staff member Andrea Galliger has provided a short description of the file:

The Common Data Set (CDS) is a set of information whose content and definitons are agreed upon by data providers in the higher education community as well as publishers represented by the College Board, Peterson's, and U.S. News & World Report. These efforts are aimed at reducing the reporting burden on data providers while improving the accuracy of the information provided. An updated Common Data Set is produced once each academic year.

For more details, visit the Common Data Set Initiative web site:


December 1, 2010

Site Usage - Month of November

This marks the end of the third month live, and the second full month (we released in mid-September).

We had 1,824 visits from 997 unique visitors during the month. Of these visitors, 7,210 pages were viewed, an average of 3.95 per visit. The average visitor spent 3 minutes and 36 seconds on the site. The most visitors in one day (98) occurred on Monday, Nov 8th, however, the most page views (509) occurred on Tuesday, Oct 9th. We received visitors 21 countries around the world, including the UK, Japan, UAE and Russia.


Visitors by Browser: 52%, Firefox / 35%, Internet Explorer / 7.4%, Safari, 5.7% Chrome

Number of Visits by State: 1,376, Minnesota / 42, Illinois / 37, Texas / 36 Wisconsin

25 users visited the site via a mobile device (iPad, Cell Phone, etc).

44% of users who visited the home page ended up looking some sort of Student data, 21% at the Official Enrollment Statistics.

Most Viewed Enrollment Reports: 27.6%, Academic Level / 7% FT/PT Status

Most Viewed Freshman Characteristics Report: 14%, ACT Composite / 9.6% High School Rank

Miscellanea: The Staff page was viewed 296 times. 320 visitors viewed at least five pages. 22% of visitors have browsed to the page over 50 times this month.

Traffic Sources
In October the traffic split was 66% direct / 18% site referral / 16% search engines. This month the traffic split was 59% direct / 21% site referral / 19% search engines, a 6% gain in discovered as opposed to direct.

Top Search Terms (Search Engine(Total Vists): # of visits, search term)
UMN Search (206): 84, institutional research, 44 NSSE
Google (122): 8, nsse university minnesota, 10 university of minnesota enrollment 2010

Top Referring Site (Non-UMN)
en.wikipedia.org: 58 visits

These links were coming from the U of M wikipedia page, for the cited enrollment numbers.