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April 27, 2011

Fall 2010 End of Term Official Enrollment File

There is currently an error in the Fall 2010 End of Term Official Registration Statistics file
(PS_DWSA_STIX_1109) where 594 records have REG_STA values of 'Readmit', when they should be 'Continuing'. These errors will be fixed later this week. Please contact OIR if you have any questions about this.

April 4, 2011

Service Outage Sunday (4/4/11)

Our web server was down for most of the day yesterday, Sunday April 4th, 2011. This was due to an error with the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) virtual server hosting. Apologize if anyone had trouble due to this issue, it has been resolved and OIT is doing what it can to ensure it will not happen again.

April 1, 2011

Enrollment Data: Fall 2010 Registration Status Fixed

The 552 records which had the incorrect registration status were updated on the Data Warehouse and in our web reports. The only term affected was Fall 2010. We also used this opportunity to update the Humphrey Inst of Public Affairs to the Humphrey Schl of Public Affairs on all of our web based reports.

Please contact our staff if you have questions or concerns about the updated data.